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After garnering a place in music, the Brooklynite stretched his talent to create dance and house music internationally and shortly after he established Glenn’s Grooves Productions.  Even though he produced and wrote works for Sybil, Melba Moore, Positive-K, and a host of national television and radio commercials.  Glenn knew early on that his calling was beyond pure entertainment.


Over the last few years he has been awarded:

  1. The United States Congressional Proclamation Of Honor

  2. The National Urban League’s “Leadership Achievement Award”,

  3. The Mayor Of Philadelphia awarded him with The “Liberty Bell

  4. AND He was named Harvard Man Of The Year.  GIVING BACK

In 1998 Glenn founded the Book Bank Foundation in an effort to boost literacy among the nation’s youth - with a specific emphasis on inner city children.  Providing tutoring, alternative education, career development and special projects such as celebrity readings, the Book Bank Foundation aims to improve the quality of education and life for the most helpless victims of this country’s unequal social and economic system. Because the foundation exists strictly nonprofit, Glenn and his associates seek corporate and individual sponsors to continue funding the books, qualified teachers and programs delivered to the children everyday.

“Out of everything I have accomplished in life, the Book Bank Foundation is what truly gives me a sense of achievement,” says Glenn.  “Kids need to know that books are a passport to life’s travels, and education is the key that unlocks the chains.”

In addition to the foundation, Glenn works relentlessly to collect and distribute clothing, food and toys for the homeless.  In the past, he also participated in the Camp Cool-J project, Americorps, and the Jerry Lewis Foundation - the Book Bank Foundation was only a natural progression.

Today, students across the nation from Harvard University to community colleges have the privilege of hearing first hand the story of a warrior.  As a guest speaker, Glenn travels around the country sharing his long road to success – including 8 years of his childhood spent on the streets of New York.



During the early ‘80s the cultural phenomenon of hip-hop burst onto the scene and right alongside it, Glenn grabbed the mic and spit more than just a verse or two.  Known as ‘Sweety G’ - Glenn began his career rhyming with the likes of Doug E. Fresh, Biz  Markie, Treacherous 3, Boogie Boys, Cipher Sounds, Disco Twins, Stetsasonic, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Kurtis Blow, and of course Run DMC

“My first love was always music,” says the emphatic Glenn.  “ Just to feel, see and connect with people on another level was incredible in itself.”



“One day I came home from school to find the landlord had evicted us and all our belongings – clothes, books, toys – were strewn in the street,” recounts Glenn.  “Suddenly we were homeless.  For a long time we rotated among relatives . . . staying here and there for as long as we could.  It was a frightening time for me and my siblings, but it was also an enormous lesson in real character development and personal integrity.”

Perhaps, it is this sense of character and conviction that earn him the trust of over 50 NFL players such as Asante Samuel, Josh Evans, Damien Robinson and Chester Taylor.  Via his company, Infinite Sports Technology, Glenn and his partner Alonzo Shavers provide a full scale of client services which include contract negotiations, publicity, marketing and legal assistance.  And while negotiating these peripheral contracts for his well-established athletes, Glenn still finds time to shape the musical careers of artists such as, Saigon, Tru Life, Q Da Kid.

As a former member of the LL Cool J management team, the multifaceted businessman is able to provide the proper guidance and support for an aspiring emcee already earning the respect of everyone from 50 Cent to Doug E Fresh.              


Perhaps Glenn’s own words best summarize a man with a cadre of success and blessings: “I’m a firm believer in living in Hope and Faith.  Hope is desire accompanied by expectation, and Faith is the substance of things hoped for.  Hope keeps us believing in the tomorrows, that tomorrow will be a better day, and Faith puts it all in God’s hand.”      

Mr. Toby contributed a chapter in “The Souls of My Brothers; Black Men Break Their Silence, Tell Their Truths, and Heal Our Spirits”, a book edited by Dawn Marie Daniels and Candace Sandy. A collaboration of excerpts written by several distinct African American males, the book provides insight into the hardships and eventual epiphany of the men who surpassed all odds.  

For more information on Glenn Toby please contact media relations @ 516 345 0284

“Rising from the Shadows of Youth Homeless to the heights of

  1.         Multi-Million Dollar Executive Sports & Entertainment Business